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LIMITED OFFER! Level 22 account + new nickname color!


Today FaucetGame is offering you a rare chance to buy a dVIP/sVIP account.
Only 10 will be sold.

A dVIP/sVIP account stands for "Donator"/"Supporter".

Since it's hard to decide, the first person who purchases this account, will have the honor to pick the right label!

You'll be getting:

Level 22
This "nickname" color
Special font color, easier to read.
Lifetime VIP

And all other benefits other VIPs have!

The price for this upgrade is 0.5 BTC.
Discounts apply: Your current level = % of discount you'll be getting

So, if you're level 10, you'll be getting 10% discount, etc, etc!

Currently have purchased:

1) no1fredd
2) blacksmith
3) quincybiak
4) feisty
5) bubbles
6) michcelest

7) lenetgagnant
8) stout5499