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Vote for the most inactive mods

Hello guys,

As many of you know, Moderators are people who have a big role in our community.
They're the ones making sure everything works correctly within the community.

There's also moderators who aren't active anymore, for X or Y reason.
So, the M team and I did a private poll to see who are the most inactive moderators on the site.
Poll was anomymous.

Results of that private poll show us the most inactive 3 Moderators.
2 Moderators will have to be removed from their positions.

Please vote:

Do not vote with emotion. Do not involve personal situations, etc.
Just vote for the one you think it's most inactive.

You are allowed to give only 1 vote.

@ Mods who are in that list:
I know you folks are busy with your real lives and stuff. I had to let the community decide, instead of me removing you.
This doesn't change anything between us/Mod team. This doesn't mean you're not welcome on the site, or whatever.

Wish you good luck.