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Offerwall update: PTCWall

Hey guys, I wasn't aware that PTCWall had until I saw some "nice" payouts earlier.
acreya and jwad were able to get 563 satoshi every 2.5-4 minutes, just by having PTCWall ( running.
This is some sort of video viewing offer which you can let and run while you're away from your computers. Might even work when you're sleeping.

This will only work for the following countries though:
United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

So, if you're from one of those countries, give it a try and let us know how it goes in the chat.

PS: It wont work with VPN/Proxy/IP changers, since PTCWall will block your views and faucetgame's anti-bot will be notified by them and claim credits back. So, no point altering your IPs.

Happy earnings!