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Game update: Slots

Hey guys,
As most of you know, this site is being able to pay its users thanks to advertisements shown on site and OfferWall.
Since a lot of people have stopped doing offerwall, I'm forced to lower slots payouts to values mentioned below:


500 - 400
80 - 75
40 - 35
20 - 15
15 - 12
12 - 10
9 - 8
6 - 5
3 - 2

Slots game was the first game which was launched when faucetgame launched and it was never edited to reflect bitcoin price increase, advertising income & other factors.

Currently, slots paid 6 (5.86xx) bitcoin in the last 3 months. That's almost 2 bitcoin (from slots only) per month.

Ads + PTC aren't able to cover that amount, so I have to do this change, in order to drop massive earnings from 1000s of users who're using slots to gain bitcoin.

Slots is a positive edge game for the users, which means you can never lose in the long term.

Apologies and thanks for understanding.