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Your attention needed

Hey guys,

as you remember, there's been a lot of people who've asked me help them promote their crowdfundings and most of those people were simply passengers on faucetgame and the other sites we all use.

There's something I'd like to bring into (y)our attention. It's about a member of ours.

She's in need and everyone should read this:

I've known Stacy since I launched my first site and she's always been correct towards everyone and never had issues with other people.
So, please. If you're not able to help her, at least forward/share her gofundme page. You might not be able to help her in the way you think you have to, but there might be other people who are interested and can, and a simple share could result to something good.

After all, most of us on faucetgame are like a family. Faucetgame is like a home to most of us. If there's no one left to help us, we should.

So, please. Share this on your facebook & twitter account if you can:

If you're able to help the person directly, you can do it through this link and send her a personal message:

Hoping she'll achieve her target.

Thanks everyone and sorry for the content of this post.