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Zero Cash.

(this post is not sponsored by anyone)

So, I've decided to make a post about a coin I've been waiting to launch for near 3 years.

The time has come.

ZCash is finally launching on 28th of October.

This is NOT a investment advice, but more like myself promoting something good.

ZCash is truly anonymous. A lot of "Anon" altcoins are basing their "Anonymity" on ZeroCash protocol. Although, they're missing a lot of things.

ZCash raised 2 million USD from their crowdfunding.

So, if you'd like to mine, buy or simply inform yourself about this incredible coin, check the following links:

Non official blog, with a lot of useful info: - Make sure you follow them on twitter, they post updates whenever there are some. They simplify everything for non-tech users.

Official website: