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Withdraw limit upped & a new site!

Hello everyone!

Since faucetgame got banned from adsense, I had to take quick action on withdraw limits, so I made max 100k, from 250k.
Now, I've increased withdraws by 25%. (24.9.2016)

I'll need to keep monitoring the admin chart and see how sustainable this is.
If it proves to be sustainable for the amounts of traffic we get, I'll be increasing it even more time by time.
My main priority is to keep the site alive. I'm aware some of the people might not understand why some stuff is done, but trust me, it's done for the good of all of us.

That's all for now, regarding withdraws.

Another thing.

From now on, you can make your own faucet list or faucet rotators with YOUR OWN referral addresses on

You'll be able to share your favorite sites and wont have to copy paste from your text pads.

That's all for now folks, hope you'll enjoy the new stuff!