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How to get more referrals and keep them active?

How to get more referrals and keep them active?

Posted Just now
Most of you might agree that referral commission might be one of the most profitable functions on many online sites.

So, the few questions people might have, are:

a) Where do I get referrals?
b) How do I keep my referrals active?
c) (Can't think of anything else now, but I'll be updating this post.

Well, regarding
a) You can get referrals pretty easy, you just need to know where to post your ref links.
I'm going to save you some time and post some links in here. - Go in search box of facebook and type: "Bitcoin faucets"
Join as many groups possible and simply write a few words about the site and add your referral link.

Go on google and google:
- Bitcoin forums
- Bitcoin faucet forums
Register there and post your referral links.

Facebook should work the best for you, if you have many friends.
Forums might be slower, if they're not known.

Another way to get referrals is:
Create a twitter account, tweet about the site with your referral link and make sure you use "hashtags".
A hashtag looks like this: #bitcoin

This means, that users who look at "bitcoin" related news on twitter, will be able to see your tweet and click on your link and join the website.

Another option is to use the auto tweet feature from the site. It's not paying any satoshi now, but I'm planning to finish that feature very soon.

So, a good example of a tweet could be this:
A unique website where you earn #Bitcoin while you play games, chat and do #surveys.
Link here

b) Now, since you have information on who're the referred users of yours, you could simply tip them in order to motivate them do their DBs or OWs.
As mentioned in previous post, I'll be adding a tip function in referral page, which will send an e-mail to the users you want to tip.