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UPDATES: 10.9.2016

Dear community.

I've been pretty busy lately with a lot of projects, including FG.
Here's a few changes I've made in the past 24 hours on the site:

1) Referral commissions have been added for: Daily Bonus (DB) & OfferWall (OW)

a) When a referred used of yours completes a DB, you will get 10% of his total claimed DB coins.
So, if a user is level 10 and he's able to claim 5k, you will get 500 satoshi from him. This applies for normal users.
For VIP users it's 15% (750 satoshi in this case)

b) When a referred user of your completes a OW, you will get 2% of his total claimed OW coins.
So, if a user is able to claim 300k satoshi from a OW, you will get 6000 satoshi.
For VIP users it's 3% (9000 satoshi in this case)

2) I have added this page: where you will be able to read all latest updates regarding the site.

3) Added back clix PTC and added a new one, which is PeanutLabs.

4) Reworked referral page, so you now can know who are the users you have brought on the site:
As you can see, there's a few new things in there:

a) You can see the user names,
b) You can see the level of the users,
c) You can see if the user has completed his daily bonus.
(In the future, I'm going to add a custom -tip- button which will e-mail the user that you have sent him credits on the site. He'll have to click on the link and get those credits.)

I would kindly ask you to like and share faucetgame's official facebook page:
I'll be posting a lot of things there, will be doing competitions and much more :)
That page will be used for all sister sites of faucetgame, so I'll be also posting changes on all other websites and will be announcing new websites as well.