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Chat language

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since we last posted.

We would like to ask you to start using only English language in the EN (English) chat, since we've been getting a lot of complaints from users who don't understand X or Y language(s).

If you continue speaking in a different language, other than EN, our moderators will warn you first.
If the warning doesn't help, we'll be forced to chat-ban you for a whole day, and keep doubling it, depending on your chat-ban score (times you've been banned in the past)

Thanks and apologies, hope you'll understand this humble request.


2 "$VIP" packages available

A few months ago we launched the $VIP package providing all existing VIP benefits along with an upgrade to level 22. We have 2 of these $VIP packages available, same old price.

If interested, let me know via email

$VIP pending payments


it's been near 2 months since I was offering the $VIP accounts, and two users weren't be able to send the entire amount back then and asked me to give them 1 week until they'll be able to send the entire amount.

After all this time, I haven't been contacted by neither.
So, please.

When you see this message, email me through support form and let me know what's up.

If you're not able to pay for your $VIP account, I'll be forced to zero your accounts.

I think enough is enough. Nothing personal, just business. :)

Some stats have been lowered


as most of you have noticed, bitcoin price has increased quite a lot since last time we edited rewards on the site.
In order all of us can enjoy faucetgame, we had to lower some stats.

You might notice that max withdraw amount per day has been lowered.
Plinko house edge & Wheel has been increased slightly. (It's still in your favor, not against you)
Faucet claims have lowered as well. From 30 max sats to 25 max sats.

I'll need to lower offerwalls a bit too, so the site can self sustain itself.

Sorry for the trouble, but this had to be done much earlier. Last time values were changed around $1100 and I'm supposed to change them every +$250 bitcoin goes up/down.


Chat price reduced

Hello guys!

Just letting you know.

Since BTC price has gone up quite a lot since the site launched, I've decided to lower the price of each message from 100 satoshi to 10 satoshi.

This should bring much more people in chat from now on.

Stay safe and happy FGming!

Dice update #2


as you remember, we posted that we'll change dice odds to 0.2%.

The change has been made and it's active.

Dice update


the dice game has been low for a very, very long period of time and I think it's time to up it to 0.2%, which isn't that bad for the player.

Biggest "real" dice sites have 1% so the dice is still going to be in your favor, much more than on any other website.

This change will take effect on the last day of this month.

Doing this because there has to be 1 game which will have an edge against the users (at least a bigger one)

Thanks for understanding

LIMITED OFFER! Level 22 account + new nickname color!


Today FaucetGame is offering you a rare chance to buy a dVIP/sVIP account.
Only 10 will be sold.

A dVIP/sVIP account stands for "Donator"/"Supporter".

Since it's hard to decide, the first person who purchases this account, will have the honor to pick the right label!

You'll be getting:

Level 22
This "nickname" color
Special font color, easier to read.
Lifetime VIP

And all other benefits other VIPs have!

The price for this upgrade is 0.5 BTC.
Discounts apply: Your current level = % of discount you'll be getting

So, if you're level 10, you'll be getting 10% discount, etc, etc!

Currently have purchased:

1) no1fredd
2) blacksmith
3) quincybiak
4) feisty
5) bubbles
6) michcelest

7) lenetgagnant
8) stout5499

Plinko changes


I have to lower plinko rewards, by changing following values:

32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
24, 12, 6, 3, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 14, 30

Site is paying way too high, compared to any other bitcoin "faucet" site out there, so I need to adjust those values accordingly.
Apologies, and thanks for understanding.




there's been a lot of abusers creating multiple accounts in order to complete offerwalls and cheat the site and its offerwall partners.

For this reason, we're introducing a new verification system. It's a 1 time verification. If your account is a legit account and you're not a botter/cheater/etc, you'll have no issue withdrawing from the site.

If you're a botter/cheater, do not bother.


Faucet is back on!

10% ref commission. No timer. Just anti-bot captcha.
1-30 satoshi per claim.

Have fun!

Offerwall boost

Hey guys,

I've managed to come to a nice deal with RevenueUniverse, so they gave us better rewards.
I was able to increase rewards by almost x3 :D

Have fun!

Hey guys, need your support!

If you own a bitcointalk account, please vote/comment/share this topic:

Thanks a lot!

Help promote faucethub, 10k reward!

Please read the post carefully.

Vote for the most inactive mods

Hello guys,

As many of you know, Moderators are people who have a big role in our community.
They're the ones making sure everything works correctly within the community.

There's also moderators who aren't active anymore, for X or Y reason.
So, the M team and I did a private poll to see who are the most inactive moderators on the site.
Poll was anomymous.

Results of that private poll show us the most inactive 3 Moderators.
2 Moderators will have to be removed from their positions.

Please vote:

Do not vote with emotion. Do not involve personal situations, etc.
Just vote for the one you think it's most inactive.

You are allowed to give only 1 vote.

@ Mods who are in that list:
I know you folks are busy with your real lives and stuff. I had to let the community decide, instead of me removing you.
This doesn't change anything between us/Mod team. This doesn't mean you're not welcome on the site, or whatever.

Wish you good luck.

Black Friday lifetime offer is today!

As most of you guys know, "Black Friday" means discounts.

Today, I'm giving a 20% discount on the entire lifetime package (FG, GF, PB & BF)
More info can be found here: www.

Wish you a good day/night everyone, I'm off to bed :)

Update: - BETA launch today!

Please post all your questions/feedback in BETA thread.

Offerwall update: PTCWall

Hey guys, I wasn't aware that PTCWall had until I saw some "nice" payouts earlier.
acreya and jwad were able to get 563 satoshi every 2.5-4 minutes, just by having PTCWall ( running.
This is some sort of video viewing offer which you can let and run while you're away from your computers. Might even work when you're sleeping.

This will only work for the following countries though:
United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

So, if you're from one of those countries, give it a try and let us know how it goes in the chat.

PS: It wont work with VPN/Proxy/IP changers, since PTCWall will block your views and faucetgame's anti-bot will be notified by them and claim credits back. So, no point altering your IPs.

Happy earnings!

Game update: Slots

Hey guys,
As most of you know, this site is being able to pay its users thanks to advertisements shown on site and OfferWall.
Since a lot of people have stopped doing offerwall, I'm forced to lower slots payouts to values mentioned below:


500 - 400
80 - 75
40 - 35
20 - 15
15 - 12
12 - 10
9 - 8
6 - 5
3 - 2

Slots game was the first game which was launched when faucetgame launched and it was never edited to reflect bitcoin price increase, advertising income & other factors.

Currently, slots paid 6 (5.86xx) bitcoin in the last 3 months. That's almost 2 bitcoin (from slots only) per month.

Ads + PTC aren't able to cover that amount, so I have to do this change, in order to drop massive earnings from 1000s of users who're using slots to gain bitcoin.

Slots is a positive edge game for the users, which means you can never lose in the long term.

Apologies and thanks for understanding.


Game update: Dice

Since a few members were asking me constantly to increase dice payout, I decided to make max payout X9001.

Black Friday lifetime offer

Hey, since a lot of people have been asking if I can give discounts on the **FULL lifetime** package (
I'll be able to give -20% discount **just this Friday**

This applies **ONLY** to users who haven't bought a lifetime package before.

Offer starts Friday and ends Saturday 00:00.

All times are **UK TIME**

Get 10k satoshi (Read inside)

New website/game!

Hey guys,

I've finally purchased Feel free to test it and let me know if there's any issues!

Official bitcointalk thread:

Love playing dice?

Hey, most of guys who've joined recently might not know the trick older users know.

If you want to increase/decrease your PAYOUT or BET, you can simply click on it. It'll open a small window, where you'll be able to change the value as you wish.

Check it out!
Good luck!


Update for dice players

I've increasing PAYOUT to x999, so you'll be able to get more tickets from now on.

Hope you enjoy it!

Have fun guys

Update regarding autoplay interruption

Hey guys,

due to some changes did, I had to tweak something so you don't get interrupted while you're on autoplay.

You might notice that your autoplay stopped. All you have to do is:

Turn it back on, turn it off then again back on and it'll work.

Apologies for the trouble

Your attention needed

Hey guys,

as you remember, there's been a lot of people who've asked me help them promote their crowdfundings and most of those people were simply passengers on faucetgame and the other sites we all use.

There's something I'd like to bring into (y)our attention. It's about a member of ours.

She's in need and everyone should read this:

I've known Stacy since I launched my first site and she's always been correct towards everyone and never had issues with other people.
So, please. If you're not able to help her, at least forward/share her gofundme page. You might not be able to help her in the way you think you have to, but there might be other people who are interested and can, and a simple share could result to something good.

After all, most of us on faucetgame are like a family. Faucetgame is like a home to most of us. If there's no one left to help us, we should.

So, please. Share this on your facebook & twitter account if you can:

If you're able to help the person directly, you can do it through this link and send her a personal message:

Hoping she'll achieve her target.

Thanks everyone and sorry for the content of this post.


Please vote if you can

Please vote, every vote means a lot!
Thanks in advance guys!

Important news for everyone who uses faucets.

Since I couldn't come to an agreement with (they wont sell their project to anyone for some reason) I'm launching my own micropayment system.

More info on bitcointalk: is closing! Take a look

Hey guys, need your opinions.

If you have a account, please vote here:

tl;dr version of the story: is closing. They don't want to sell it because they want to maintain a "good image" even they're closing it.
I've asked them for a price, but they declined saying me a price, instead they told me they wont sell it.

All FGaming sites run on faucetbox. I don't trust any other microwallet providers.

There's 2 options:

a) I get
b) I create a new site to replace faucetbox.

Please let vote on bitcointalk! Thanks!

Two new websites!

Some of you might already know it, some of you might not. & have been acquired by FaucetGaming network.

If you had any balances there, I'm sorry to inform you that I'll have to zero all balances.

Here's more info why: (Bottom of the post)

Apologies and thanks for understanding.

Lifetime VIP account information!

Like I mentioned, it's not going to be cheap, but it's totally worth it, if you're going to stay on FaucetGaming network.

A community, funding the best bitcoin advertising network ever created.
Where else have you seen that? Just in this nuthouse!

A big thank you in advance to everyone who'll at least spread the word about this crowdfunding and of course the people who'll help by getting VIP accounts.

You wont be forgotten. Your names/nicknames will be mentioned on faucetgame, zenads and bitcointalk forum.
That's the least I can do!

Limited time offer!

Hey guys.

There's going to be a limited time lifetime VIP offer for FaucetGame & other FaucetGaming sites.

If you wasn't able to get lifetime VIP before and you're interested into purchasing it, this is your chance.

More information will be posted in the next 12-24 hours!


Some changes on

Hey guys,

as most of you know, all the websites people give "free" something, depend on:

a) Advertisement revenue
b) Sites are scam and will keep giving you your "free" dose until they lose google adsense, or any other major income source.

August 31, the day faucetgame and other few domains of mine got banned from adsense.
I didn't want to give up, because giving up is not an option in my nature.

Now, there's a new issue.

Bitcoin decided to rally/go up.

All the income earns is in bitcoin. That means that I'm getting way less bitcoin than I'd get 1 week ago.
For that reason, I'll have to do the following changes and not do any "critical" changes.

a) Dice house edge will be increased from 0.02% to 0.04%.
b) Dice "free" tickets will be halved.
Example: Old way: x100 roll would give you 100 tickets. New way: x100 roll will give you 50 tickets.

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you'll understand!

Thanks everyone!

Texas Hold'em Poker release! 27.10.2016

We've all been waiting for this goddamn poker for so damn long.

Here it is:

Tell your family, friends and enemies!

Please share this post with the buttons above. Twitter, Facebook & Google+!

Hope you'll enjoy guys!

PS: Since this script wasn't written by me and I've just done modifications so it can meet our needs, there might some bugs. Please keep that in mind.
If you find any bugs and you're 100% sure it's a bug, please let me know in chat and I'll give my best to fix it ASAP!

Updates 26.10.2016

I'm glad to announce that Texas Hold'em poker will be launched tomorrow.

Another interesting fact is that faucetgame has paid a total of 10.892 Dollars its users since it launched back in January!

The community is growing nicely. Over 33k registered users!

Don't forget that you can earn more bitcoin simply by inviting people with your referral links!
Keep in mind that traffic exchanges aren't allowed. Do not advertise your links with TE, since you wont get any real referrals. You'll spend your money for nothing.

That's all for now folks!

Have fun everyone!

Withdraw issue?

I've changed withdraw amounts according to levels.

If you can't withdraw, please check the Upgrade page (levels).

Apologies for the trouble.

Level 21 finally added

Level 21 has been added.

After getting level 21, you'll be able to do the following things:

a) Post youtube/vimeo links in chat and the player will play inside of the chat.
b) GIFs from imgur/giphy.
c) Now you'll be able to post clickable links. Level 21 means that you've been around for very long and that people can trust you.
d) Text formatting. *test* - **test** - __test__

More stuff will be added sooner or later. There's no lvl21 users yet :)

2nd news post for today. Sorry for the spam. (Interesting information for users who do OfferWall)

1), WannAds, Peanut, increased by 20%-50%.

Since site's doing much better now, so I can increase wall payouts higher. If enough users claim, I can increase more. It all depends on the users who're doing surveys/offers.

If we continue this way, next month I'd be able to bump earnings for the other walls as well.

I've decided to code the following auto function:

a) Every 1000 tasks, 1000th user will get x2 of what he got from specific task.
b) Every 100k tasks, user will get 100k satoshi.

Above feature will be done in the next 24 hours.

Good luck everyone and have fun!

Don't miss out this!

Make sure you watch it :) A lot of information which can be useful, even if you're a experienced bitcoin/blockchain user.

Offerwall changes

Hi guys,

So, some changes I've done are:

enabled kiwiwall, boosted adworkmedia payouts by 2x, boosted peanuts paynuts by 50%, boosted offertoro payouts by 50%, boosted personaly by 2x.

From now on I'll be working on the upcoming advertising network I've been planning to launch before all this adsense drama happened with the sites.

Have fun and enjoy!


Zero Cash.

(this post is not sponsored by anyone)

So, I've decided to make a post about a coin I've been waiting to launch for near 3 years.

The time has come.

ZCash is finally launching on 28th of October.

This is NOT a investment advice, but more like myself promoting something good.

ZCash is truly anonymous. A lot of "Anon" altcoins are basing their "Anonymity" on ZeroCash protocol. Although, they're missing a lot of things.

ZCash raised 2 million USD from their crowdfunding.

So, if you'd like to mine, buy or simply inform yourself about this incredible coin, check the following links:

Non official blog, with a lot of useful info: - Make sure you follow them on twitter, they post updates whenever there are some. They simplify everything for non-tech users.

Official website:



Update regarding

Hello everyone.

I've been working for near 2 months on the new platform so I would like to let you know, that even after the launch, I've added a lot of stuff.

Marketplace. (You can buy and sell pokemons, share on twitter/facebook/G+, so you get more chances of selling your pokemon and earn bitcoin)

Pokemon Skills:

And much more, which you'll have to find out! :)

Have fun guys!

Happy Birthday huckleberry!

It's huck's bday folks, show our mod some love!

Please retweet this if you own a twitter account

Thanks in advance guys. Looking forward seeing all the known FG folks there.

Make sure you have tissues close to you. when site launches :)

Offerwall contest ended. Results:

josh20 553864
bigred95 433089
trumptower 352959
reegea85 238505
csmith48066 238278

Congrats to top 5 users!

Everyone got rewarded with +10% satoshi of what they earned.

Long live faucetgame community!

New game added!

A lottery has been added on, finally!

Enjoy guys and good luck! OfferWall added!

2nd OW added today. Sorry, wont add more today ;p

Happy earnings guys!

MinuteStaff Offers re-enabled. Bug fixed.

I added MinuteStaff among first PTC sites, but there was an issue. Bug has been fixed.
Please give it a try and see if it works as it should!


Withdraw limit upped & a new site!

Hello everyone!

Since faucetgame got banned from adsense, I had to take quick action on withdraw limits, so I made max 100k, from 250k.
Now, I've increased withdraws by 25%. (24.9.2016)

I'll need to keep monitoring the admin chart and see how sustainable this is.
If it proves to be sustainable for the amounts of traffic we get, I'll be increasing it even more time by time.
My main priority is to keep the site alive. I'm aware some of the people might not understand why some stuff is done, but trust me, it's done for the good of all of us.

That's all for now, regarding withdraws.

Another thing.

From now on, you can make your own faucet list or faucet rotators with YOUR OWN referral addresses on

You'll be able to share your favorite sites and wont have to copy paste from your text pads.

That's all for now folks, hope you'll enjoy the new stuff!

New website!

Hello guys.

Check out the new website which was added to FaucetGaming family:

realpizza quotes, vol1.

A big thanks to ck349 for making this image compilation of realpizza!

100k offers completed! Event!

You need to claim in chat.
You'll have to provide a screenshot as proof for everyone.

You'll get 100k satoshi. :)

Good luck everyone! - UPDATE


I'm going to allow users withdraw from from now on.
(I was originally planing to enable withdraws when the new layout is ready, but seems there's a lot of impatient users.)

Here's a hint, if you play on PB:


Offerwall contest!

I'm going to host a offerwall contest.

First 5 top users will get rewarded with a +% bonus, of their total claimed amount from the offerwall.

First: 10%
Second: 5%
Third: 2.5%
Fourth: 1%
Fifth: 0.5%

New twitter account - Master website

Hey guys.

Since "FaucetGame" has been making/buying many projects, I've decided to create a "Master" website ( --- it'll remain offline until I'm done with the other sites).

So, please. Follow:

Thanks guys!

Happy Birthday CK!

Today is ck349's birthday!

Happy birthday, ck!!!

Happy to announce that..

Please retweet if you own a twitter account.
Thanks guys!

New PTC added!


I've added one more PTC site on FG.

Here's the link:

Specific network might cover 98% of geo locations from where our users come from.

Let me know if there are any bugs/issues.

Enjoy guys!

News page progress

I've worked on the news page a bit.

Posts looked bad as they were previously, so, what I did is:
I've added a function which will allow you open/close the thread/message when you click on it.

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

Thanks guys!

Daily Bonus & Weekend Bonus & DB referral commission!

Did you know?
You can use this page:

Complete the task once per day and earn level*250satoshi?

Keep in mind, Bonus weekend is +20% on top of all bonuses!

Referral commission is 10% per each member you have referred on the site, so, it's in your best interest if those referrals are active and complete their daily bonus.

First number = Your level, second number = 250 satoshi fixed reward.

1*250 = 250 - Referral commission 25
2*250 = 500 - Referral commission 50
3*250 = 750 - Referral commission 75
4*250 = 1000 - Referral commission 100
5*250 = 1250 - Referral commission 125
6*250 = 1500 - Referral commission 150
7*250 = 1750 - Referral commission 175
8*250 = 2000 - Referral commission 200
9*250 = 2250 - Referral commission 225
10*250 = 2500 - Referral commission 250
11*250 = 2750 - Referral commission 275
12*250 = 3000 - Referral commission 300
13*250 = 3250 - Referral commission 325
14*250 = 3500 - Referral commission 350
15*250 = 3750 - Referral commission 375
16*250 = 4000 - Referral commission 400
17*250 = 4250 - Referral commission 425
18*250 = 4500 - Referral commission 450
19*250 = 4750 - Referral commission 475
20*250 = 5000 - Referral commission 500

How to get more referrals and keep them active?

How to get more referrals and keep them active?

Posted Just now
Most of you might agree that referral commission might be one of the most profitable functions on many online sites.

So, the few questions people might have, are:

a) Where do I get referrals?
b) How do I keep my referrals active?
c) (Can't think of anything else now, but I'll be updating this post.

Well, regarding
a) You can get referrals pretty easy, you just need to know where to post your ref links.
I'm going to save you some time and post some links in here. - Go in search box of facebook and type: "Bitcoin faucets"
Join as many groups possible and simply write a few words about the site and add your referral link.

Go on google and google:
- Bitcoin forums
- Bitcoin faucet forums
Register there and post your referral links.

Facebook should work the best for you, if you have many friends.
Forums might be slower, if they're not known.

Another way to get referrals is:
Create a twitter account, tweet about the site with your referral link and make sure you use "hashtags".
A hashtag looks like this: #bitcoin

This means, that users who look at "bitcoin" related news on twitter, will be able to see your tweet and click on your link and join the website.

Another option is to use the auto tweet feature from the site. It's not paying any satoshi now, but I'm planning to finish that feature very soon.

So, a good example of a tweet could be this:
A unique website where you earn #Bitcoin while you play games, chat and do #surveys.
Link here

b) Now, since you have information on who're the referred users of yours, you could simply tip them in order to motivate them do their DBs or OWs.
As mentioned in previous post, I'll be adding a tip function in referral page, which will send an e-mail to the users you want to tip.

UPDATES: 10.9.2016

Dear community.

I've been pretty busy lately with a lot of projects, including FG.
Here's a few changes I've made in the past 24 hours on the site:

1) Referral commissions have been added for: Daily Bonus (DB) & OfferWall (OW)

a) When a referred used of yours completes a DB, you will get 10% of his total claimed DB coins.
So, if a user is level 10 and he's able to claim 5k, you will get 500 satoshi from him. This applies for normal users.
For VIP users it's 15% (750 satoshi in this case)

b) When a referred user of your completes a OW, you will get 2% of his total claimed OW coins.
So, if a user is able to claim 300k satoshi from a OW, you will get 6000 satoshi.
For VIP users it's 3% (9000 satoshi in this case)

2) I have added this page: where you will be able to read all latest updates regarding the site.

3) Added back clix PTC and added a new one, which is PeanutLabs.

4) Reworked referral page, so you now can know who are the users you have brought on the site:
As you can see, there's a few new things in there:

a) You can see the user names,
b) You can see the level of the users,
c) You can see if the user has completed his daily bonus.
(In the future, I'm going to add a custom -tip- button which will e-mail the user that you have sent him credits on the site. He'll have to click on the link and get those credits.)

I would kindly ask you to like and share faucetgame's official facebook page:
I'll be posting a lot of things there, will be doing competitions and much more :)
That page will be used for all sister sites of faucetgame, so I'll be also posting changes on all other websites and will be announcing new websites as well.